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Upper Keys Sport Fishing

Capt. Jorge Pinero of UKSF from Freeman Ventures, LLC on Vimeo.

Islamorada Sportfishing

Interview with Capt. Jorge Pinero of Upper Keys Sport Fishing from Adventure Bookie on Vimeo.

Upper Keys Fishing 2

At Upper Keys Sportfishing our job is to put you on BIG FISH and LOTS OF EM!
Islamorada Sportfishing – Book a charter today and hook into a MONSTER.

Islamorada Sportfishing, Fish Monster Magazine

Fish Monster Magazine

Fish On, Fish Port flat line……”Zzzzzzzzzzzz,” says one thing…..Wahoo! Nothing screams line faster out of an 80 wide than a wahoo. These lightning bursts of screaming line are an indication of a big wahoo. Once the reel seems to sing a slower song, comes the anguish of reeling against a 14-17 knot troll speed. Read More

Sportfishing Magazine 2015
Top Charter Captain

Captain Jorge Pinero is recognized as one of the Top 60 Captains in the US by “Sport Fishing Magazine”
SF Charter Captains of the Year - Islamamorada | Upper Keys Florida Sport Fishing, Islamorada Sportfishing

As Seen On: The Chica Travelsita

Published on Aug 4, 2015
The Chica Travelsita, Travel Blogger and Travel Agent explores the Florida Keys from Key Largo to Key West! She stays at The Casa Morada in Islamorada, explores the waters with Upper Keys Sport Fishing and The Florida Fisherman and experiences delicious food and drinks at Lorelei’s Restaurant and Bar, Bitton Bistro and The Square Grouper.Islamorada Sportfishing! For more on her trip and her next adventures visit

Why You Should Pick Our Charter Company

This Is What We Are All About! Safe, Fun and Attentive to You!

Captain Jorge of Upper Keys Sport Fishing, Islamorada Sportfishing

Captain Jorge of Upper Keys Sport Fishing has fished all over the world in search of big game fish, primarily the billfish. Captain Jorge  holds many records with fly on Pacific Blue, black and striped marlin, Atlantic Blue Marlin, and both Atlantic and Pacific Sailfish. He has chased after many other pelagics including Dorado (Mahi-Mahi or Dolphin as known in South Florida), Yellowfin Tuna, Blackfin Tuna all on fly gear.


This experience spanning several continents and their knowledge of South Florida from Haulover Inlet all the way to Marathon.   We have fished and worked in these waters since 1973 and have caught just about every fish that swims in these waters.  Capt. Jorge  is experienced in many aspects of offshore, reef, wreck and patch reef fishing in both conventional, spin, light tackle and fly fishing.  He started fishing on his own boat in the mid 70’s. He is experienced in Offshore, Flats/Back Country, Sword fishing and Offshore Fly Fishing and Florida Sportsman recognizes him as one of the leading Marlin Charter Captains in the Florida Keys and has been interviewed on this subject numerous times .

He shares his love of the ocean and fishing with children and adults from the novice to the tournament fisherman.  He has concentrated and chosen on the Sports-fishing Capital of the World, Islamorada, to be the home of  Upper Keys Sport fishing.  It is here that multiple fisheries abound such as Offshore in pursuit of the tackle-busting Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Mako Shark and the mighty gladiator of the deep, the Swordfish. The Reef Fishing abounds with Sailfish, Dorado(Dolphin), and host of other pelagics, farther inshore are the patch reefs teaming with snapper, grouper and lobster.

Captain Jorge is a Coast Guard licensed Captain.
He is very knowledgeable in fly fishing for all species including the offshore pelagics and has been considered one of the leading Captains in this area in Offshore Flyfishing for Pelagic species.  With the assistance of our first mates,  we are a knowledgeable team in the bait and switch method of teasing for bill fish and other pelagics. If flyfishing is your preferred method of offshore fishing please inform us so that we have a first mate to assist with IGFA flyfishing regulations.  This is truly a unique combination of captain and mates. Their combined experience is hard to beat for the offshore angler in search of offshore species on fly.

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